Machine Learning Engineer/Full Time

Machine Learning Engineer /Full Time
/ October, 26, 2017 /

Zone·tv is looking to hire motivated and talented individuals who want to help us design cutting edge products and services.

General Requirements:
Relevant university / college degree or studies
Excellent mathematical skills in algorithm theory
Ability to work efficiently, independently and as part of a team
Good verbal communications and organization skills
Technical Requirements:
Passionate about working with large unstructured and structured data
Enthusiasm and experience in solving data mining problems
Development experience of scalable algorithms and architecture
Experience in text mining algorithms and frameworks
Experience applying machine learning techniques to NLP problems
Knowledge of fundamental natural language processing techniques
Research experience in machine learning or natural language processing
Ability to run experiments scientifically and analyze results
Data Extraction (Web Scraping, Text Mining)
Programming Experience:
3-5 years programming experience using R and/or Python
Excellent understanding of databases (relational, document-based)